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  • Brand strategy support

    SEPT TEAM will take the client’s brand as the core, assisting the client’s market department in redefining and redesigning the brand and offering consulting services, the best designs up to the spirit of the brand and overall support at each stage.
  • Promotion material design

    SEPT design team will design and print all the materials needed for the client’s ATL and BTL events after a thorough communication with the client. SEPT’s experienced brand designer and long-term partnership with professional printing press will give you the best visual effect in the materials.
  • Promotion video design

    Whether it is taken during a company activity, or inside the company or as introduction to a product or the company, SEPT video team will offer suggestions on the video according to the client’s needs and overall services including scripts, shooting, editing, post production and special effect as needed.
  • Customization

    SEPT’s experienced program officer will recommend and select the promotional gifts according to your needs. Our excellent suppliers will ensure those products are more than satisfying in platemaking, proofing, production and transportation.
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