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  • Banquet

    Corporate Banquets is one of the main types of branding campaign nowadays. The form of the banquets can be divided into Acknowledgement Banquet for expressing gratitude to the client and Corporate Gala Dinners for the repayment of employees. At SEPT Events, we believe, with the well-design and execution by our professional team, your banquet will be a fine platform to open up your enterprise culture and achieve brand promotion objectives. The service which SEPT Events provides will cover all the details, our team will make best efforts to save your time and energy, by leaving the work to us; you can afford to just sit back and enjoy. We guarantee that the banquet will bring a sense of honor and belonging to your employees, moreover, leave a memorable and lasting impression on your guests and clients.
  • Meeting

    SEPT meeting affairs project contains summing-up meeting (seasonal/annual), tea break, training, incentive event and team building which are the indispensable parts of corporate internal program and closely interrelated to enterprise management, summary and development. SEPT provides best meeting solution for our client, covering meeting agenda, venue selection, planning and implementation with excellent hardware facilities and software logistics support. Otherwise, during incentive events and team buildings, we promise that your employees will get relaxed, at the same time improve leadership, communication and cooperation skills. Finally SEPT will bring you back a remarkable and efficient team.
  • Press conferences

    Press conference is a media event in which newsmakers invite journalists to hear them speak about the news, ideas and development of the brand. Nowadays it is also a significant component of brand PR campaign and CSR plan. Our team will make a great effort to assist your marketing department, be participated in the formulation of news design and PR strategy, and help to find suitable media source, in order to maximize the positive image and exposure of the brand, finally achieve marketing and PR objectives.
  • Branding events

    As a rising off-line PR concept, branding event contains a series of branding activities around a specific theme, such as road show, user experience day and themed party. Successful cases have increasingly proved that the concept is going to maturation and its powerful attraction and impaction have become a significant method of winning commercial competition. The event designers of SEPT have rich experience in branding event and sharp market perceptions. We promise to build the most suitable off-line event from the angle of the brand. Therefore, the branding events will provide enjoyment and indelible memory to the visitors as well as establish an impregnable image for the brand.
  • Product launch

    Creating a memorable product launch is a serious business. One successful product launch show is not only related to the future sales and marketing plan of a brand, but also a great opportunity to attract potential target market. The professional team from SEPT Events will give out a comprehensive solution at each term of your launch event, including venue selection, staff arrangement, guest invitation, media relation and stage layout. SEPT treats every launch event exclusively; we give utmost importance to being innovative in order to achieve the required outcomes and make a difference.
  • Exhibition

    Exhibition domain contains public exhibition, summit forum, sports, festivals and celebration. It is a great opportunity for the corporation to build the brand image by successfully revealing its product and culture during the exhibition period. As an international and specialized event group, SEPT will provide detailed service around each portion of a client exhibition project, including exhibition planning, booth design, staff arrangement, logistic management and key point enhancement. Consequently, our team can optimize the use of available resources, combined with activity design, finally achieve the objectives of advance brand image and attract target market.
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